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Excellence & Meditation at Work

Kira relates real-life stories to meditation and how to use it to improve performance.

Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis of one or more of the founders is one of the most difficult times for a business, and many fail at this time. 

Leadership and business is being redefined, ready or not. Are you ready?

The first person that leaders need to focus on is themselves. What is their personal practice to maintain their mental, emotional and physical well-being?

There are hundreds of reasons that meditation is an essential skill for leaders. Kira's signature keynotes, workshops & business retreats help you and your organization to hone in on the ones that will give your team, business unit or industry the next step in your evolution. Business and leaders need to redefine themselves, and meditation gives you the tools or insights and to let go of the outdated paradigms.

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Why Intuition is an Essential Leadership Skill in Uncertain Times

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